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Modified Sinewave And Pure Sinewave

We manufacture a wide range of Digital Inverters that are able to produce high power and voltage. These inverters contain a constant voltage limit charger with a Mosfet technology and are available in various sizes. Further, these are also suitable for single and three phase load. It does not generate any noise or pollution and is designed for tropical conditions. Following are some of the technical specifications of our Digital Inverters / ups:

  • Rating Available: 350 VA @ 12VDC, 650 VA @ 12VDC, 800 VA @ 12VDC, 850 VA @ 12VDC ,
                                       1000VA @ 24VDC, 1500VA @ 24VDC, 2000VA @ 24VDC.

  • DC Voltage Input Range : 12V / 2*12V Lead acid Battery with 65Amp to 200Amp.

  • AC Input Voltage Range : 130V to 270V in inverter mode and from 180V to 260V in UPS mode
  • Battery Charging: Phase Control Charger.

  1. Micro Controller Based Digital Design.
  2. Multiple Stage Charging.
  3. LCD / LED Display.
  4. Mains Low And High Cutoff With Delayed Change Over.
  5. Over Load Protection.
  6. Battery Low warning and cutoff.
  7. Mosfet Technology with software PWM.
  8. Modified Sinewave Output./ Pure Sinewave
  9. Computer / Server Compatible without restart.

LCD / LED Display For Display Inverter Status

  1. Mains Voltage
  2. Battery Level  Percentage.
  3. Load Level Percentage.
  4. Manufacturer Name (on Request).
  5. Mains , Inverter, Standby On/Off.
  6. Over Load , Battery Low , Battery Charging Percentage.
  7. Short Ckt Protection.
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